About Us

Selling an old car can be an emotional rollercoaster for a car owner. Or if you don’t have a clue what to do with it, the anxiety can double down.

But don’t fret over the car selling process anymore, as Euro Car Removal is at your disposal.

We are South Australia’s biggest and most trustworthy car removal company offering a hassle-free way to sell all types of vehicles.

A Glimpse Into The Vision Behind Our Seamless Services In Adelaide

Our company started with a single focused goal of making the car selling process a walk in the park. Car owners used to face quite a challenge when looking to sell their unwanted cars to potential buyers.

Taking snaps of the car, posting ads, dealing with silver-tongued buyers, giving the car for test drives, and not to mention, striving for a good deal is a cumbersome process.

We envisioned a car removal company that takes all the fuss and anxiety out of the equation. So, we came up with Euro Car Removal – a place where your car is in professional hands. No hassle. No haggle.

We started the company in Adelaide with a team of professionals (add the number of years here) ago. Gradually, our operations expanded to Adelaide’s surrounding areas and various other locations.

Today we stand strong with

  • (Number of people add here)team members
  • (Number of trucks) towing trucks
  • (Number of) scrap yards
  • (Number of) happy customers

Our Core Values

We work on the following core values to achieve our vision and purpose:


We are a purpose driven and enthusiastic team, while we value ingenuity and prevent burnout.


We never compromise on our honesty and values, and that is why we are completely transparent about our processes.


We always put the team’s interests over personal interests as we strongly believe that only mutual collaboration brings success